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Consumer Collections & Litigation

Your business provides beneficial services for consumers, allowing them to make purchases, receive services, and accomplish life goals. What you need in order to make it all work is a firm commitment to pay debt back as agreed. Life happens, and some consumers get behind. At Bessine Walterbach, LLP, we represent creditors to settle outstanding debt through negotiation, payment plans, litigation, and garnishments. If your company is dealing with unresponsive consumers, contact our office for help today. We have competitive rates and we make it easy to get started.

Debt Collection Services for All Industries

Our team of experienced attorneys can assist your company with consumer debt collection no matter what industry you are in. We have experience representing:

  • Hospitals seeking payment for emergency room visits, doctor’s visits, surgical procedures, and long-term care
  • Internal medicine and family doctors, pediatricians, radiologists, anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, ambulances, medical helicopter evacuations, orthopedics, surgeons, urologists, spine care, ENTs, GIs, cardiologists, OBGYNs, oncologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, eye doctors, podiatrists, urgent care, hospitalists, women’s health specialists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, fertility clinics, senior care and more
  • Chiropractors, headache and pain managers, physical therapists, sports medicine specialists, psychiatric rehabilitation hospitals, and more
  • Dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons
  • Veterinarians with unpaid fees
  • Law firms with unpaid billables
  • Credit card companies with unpaid revolving accounts
  • Financial institutions and lenders providing banking, lines of credit, secured loans and unsecured loans
  • Major retailers and service providers such as fitness gyms, HVAC, karate, remodeling and construction companies, construction suppliers, auto lenders, salons, funeral homes, plumbers, leasing companies, telephone companies etc
  • Higher education entities recovering student accounts and student loans
  • Landlords and property management companies collecting outstanding rent and damages
  • Utility companies tracking unpaid bills
  • Municipalities and school districts recovering unpaid receivables for utilities, accounts or specialized services such as ambulance
  • Insurance companies seeking unpaid premiums or subrogation
  • Collection agencies as assignees for purposes of collection
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Options for Settling Outstanding Consumer Debt

When a consumer does not respond to collection attempts, a creditor can either write off debt or pursue their rights in court. Writing off too much bad debt becomes reputational and can disincentivize payment on receivables generally. Write-offs also may have significant negative effects on the entire economy, such as rising healthcare costs, reduced consumer spending, and reduced access to credit for those who need it most. Legal collections can help establish the right incentives. We skillfully help creditors navigate legal collections with the right combination of poise and action. We engage in:

  • Pre-litigation communication attempts
  • Litigation & discovery
  • Trials
  • Pre-judgment and post-judgment settlements or payment plans
  • Garnishments
  • Levies
  • Judgment liens
  • Hospital liens
  • Bankruptcy claims
  • Probate claims

Leave the Collections To Bessine Walterbach, LLP

If your business is burdened with receivables but you don’t have time to mess with it, contact Bessine Walterbach, LLP. Our process is streamlined and easy to follow. You’re busy, let us help you remain focused on your primary business objectives while keeping costs down. Your claims remain your claims, and you control whether a lawsuit is filed and on what terms you are willing to settle any debt. Call or email us to get started, it might take a lot less time than you think.

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