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Scott Walterbach and Matthew Bessine
Our Vision

The most dependable and practical legal strategies for creditors in Missouri, Kansas & Iowa.

Our Mission

Efficient, compliant collections for an optimal credit ecosystem.

Our Values

With curiosity, integrity and humility, we dare to find the most generous assumptions about behaviors and motivations. We are all debtors, with worthy stories, deserving of individualized consideration.

Our People

Our staff is our engine. Our team comprises truly excellent people that live out our values every day.

Matthew D. Bessine

Partner: [licensed in MO, KS & IA]; University of Iowa College of Law, 2001

Scott F. Walterbach

Partner: [licensed in MO, KS]; Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis, 2007

Adam K. Berman

Of Counsel: [licensed in MO, KS]; Oklahoma City University School of Law, 2004

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