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Frequently Asked Questions

(Not Legal Advice)

DEFENDANTS: Because we represent the creditor, not you, we cannot give you legal advice. If you are unsure what to do or disagree with any claim in the case, you should hire an attorney. If you agree & want to make payments, please call us.

GARNISHEES: We cannot give legal advice on answering garnishments. Please read the instructions & make a good faith effort. Give us your contact information. We will call or email if needed, before we pursue the matter in court against you.

Our clients make decisions on the settlement of any case, not us. If you can’t pay what our client requires, our Special Consideration Application is below. This is not required but may help get a variance from normal parameters.

1. I do not want to go to Court. How do I avoid the Court date?

You should speak to your own attorney to review your options. If you choose to represent yourself, you may avoid the entry of a judgment on Plaintiff’s Petition by paying the full amount, certified funds. The case would be dismissed under those circumstances. Otherwise, you should plan to appear in Court or discuss the matter with your own attorney.

2. I owe the bill and I want to pay in full. Who do I pay and how?

A cashier’s check or money order may be made payable “Bessine Walterbach, LLP”. Please note your case number or LE account number on the check or money order and mail it to our office: Bessine Walterbach, LLP 3000 NE Brooktree Lane, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64119. You may also drop off a payment at that address to one of our lock boxes (available 24/7) or payment drop slot (open during regular hours). Request a receipt or balance by phone or put a note with your payment. Our office is closed to the public and there is no receptionist and no admittance except for employees, deliveries, and other invitees.

3. I would like to make a settlement offer to resolve the case. How do I do that?

You should speak to your own attorney to review your options. If you choose to represent yourself, you may send us something in writing (email to, or by fax 816-601-1101, or regular mail) telling us your name, case number, why you would like to settle the case, when and for how much. We will then process your request and attempt to get you a response, generally 3 – 10 business days, but may be longer.

4. I owe the bill, but I cannot pay in full. What do I do?

You should speak to your own attorney to review your options. If you choose to represent yourself, you may call our office and notify us of your situation so that your file can be updated. We regularly work with people to set up payment arrangements on judgments. This can be a way of enabling you to pay the bill off over time. Payments can be made as set forth in the FAQ above. The minimum payment that is acceptable on a monthly basis varies. If you believe you cannot afford the minimum monthly payment required on your case, you may complete the Special Consideration Application, and your case will be specially reviewed by staff and/or an attorney. Understand that this is for the purpose of attempting to collect a debt, and the information obtained may be used for that purpose. You are not obligated to fill out this form, it is strictly voluntary. You may choose to proceed in any number of ways other than filling out this form, including speaking to your own attorney (the best way to go). To download the form, click the labeled button.

5. I called in and set up payment arrangements or made an agreement to resolve the case. Do I still have to go to court? If I don’t go, will a warrant be issued for my arrest?

You should speak to your own attorney to review your options. If you choose to represent yourself, you must make your own decision about what you want to do. If you received a summons to appear in court, please read it carefully. Unless the case is dismissed prior to the court date, the case will be called and at that time it is your right to appear in court to be sure your interests are being protected. We do not recommend that you miss court. However, we understand you may not want to go. The decision to appear or not is yours, and yours alone. We cannot say specifically what will happen to your case in court, that is legal advice only your own attorney can give you. In most cases, absent payment in full, a prior agreement to continue, an appearance by the defendant or a legal defense properly raised, we typically would seek a judgment. If we have agreed to a payment arrangement with you, we will honor that agreement. If regular payments are timely made, no legal action upon the judgment is taken to collect what is owed, you simply continue making your payments. If a payment is late or is missed, legal action upon the judgment to collect the balance may be taken. Our office does not request the issuance of warrants for a single missed court date in civil cases like these.

6. Does this show up on my credit report? How is my credit affected?

Only an attorney that represents you could accurately answer this question. You should speak to your own attorney to review your options. We cannot give any legal advice as to how your interests might be affected in this regard.

7. Do I really have to pay interest and court costs?

You should speak to your own attorney to review your options. If you choose to represent yourself, you may do so. Our clients claim you owe these amounts because money has a time value and refusal or delay in payment has forced the Plaintiff to file with the Court, incurring additional costs. For example, a claim for court costs is usually made because those have been prepaid by Plaintiff. We do not add hidden costs or fees – the charges are all as stated in the petition you received. Interest accrues according to applicable statutes or contracts.

8. I missed a payment & I want more time. Can you hold off for a while?

You should speak to your own attorney to review your options. Once a payment is missed, your case at some point will be reviewed for legal action. If upon review it is determined that legal action to collect on the judgment will be taken, it is probably too late to continue on with the payment arrangement or to establish a new payment arrangement. We will still apply any payment received toward your balance in the normal course. However, to stop a garnishment or other execution, you may pay in full by certified funds. Call the office to get a final payoff amount for the date you intend to pay.

9. I left a voicemail but nobody called me back. What gives?

We receive many phone calls every day. Your call is important and we look forward to helping resolve the matter. We have multiple phone lines to help us assist all callers, so you should not get a busy signal. After you listen to a brief recorded message, a legal assistant will answer and assist you. If you are transferred and arrive at a voicemail inbox, please leave a message with a case number and a good time to call you back. It is our office policy that we return all voicemails left for us. However, when calling back, for legal reasons we do NOT leave voicemails in return. In most circumstances, we will call back only once.

If you have not heard back from us within two business days, please call back. Also, you may contact us anytime at the following e-mail addresses which are regularly monitored: (correspondence) or (settlement offers). Or, you may fax us a letter to 816-601-1101. You may also mail a letter to our mailing address.

We handle thousands of cases. If you are trying to reach us 24 – 48 hours before your court date, you probably have not allowed sufficient time for us to respond appropriately to your question(s) or issue(s). You should appear in court as scheduled.

10. Can I pay online or make other electronic payments?

No. You can mail a check or money order, or use a dropbox outside our office. We do not recommend mailing cash or leaving cash in the drop-boxes. Some people choose to set up bill-pay through their bank, who would generate and send us a check. Depending on your bank, there could be a fee for that service.

11. Will you send me a monthly bill reminding me of my payment?

No, we do not send bills. Once we have agreed to a monthly payment arrangement with you, it is up to you to remember to make your payments. Our staff may provide you with a Payment Instruction Sheet upon request.

12. What’s my balance? Can I get a receipt?

You can get your balance or a receipt by putting a note with your payment asking for what you want. Or you can email, include your LE #, and we’ll respond. Or you may call the office.

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