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Giving Back to the Community

The local community has helped Bessine Walterbach, LLP become who we are today. For this reason, we work tirelessly year after year to give back to the community and organizations that contribute to the health and success of our residents and local businesses. Below you can learn more about a few of the ways we manage to get involved with the community and help build a better and more beautiful future for us all.

Children’s Mercy Hospital Gifts

Children’s Mercy Hospital is one of the top recognized children’s hospitals in the U.S. In their continued push to provide the best medical care to children, we actively support them by delivering items to lift children’s spirits while receiving medical care. Recent donations include art supplies and toys, and we regularly provide Valentine’s Day cards to children.

Missouri Adopt-A-Highway Program

Our firm recognizes the importance of reliable infrastructure and well-maintained roadways for a healthy community. Adults need to get back and forth to jobs while kids commute to and from schools. We contribute to keeping our roads litter-free by cleaning a one mile stretch of Prospect Ave four times throughout the year.

Donations to Community Blood Center

According to Community Blood Center, about one in seven people entering a hospital requires blood and there is a nationwide need for blood every two seconds. Blood cannot be manufactured and is a critical need for accident victims, cancer patients, hemophiliacs, and surgery patients. Compounding matters is the statistic that only 37% of the country’s population is eligible to give blood. For this reason, it’s critical that those of us who are able to answer the call donate blood when we can. At Bessine Walterbach, LLP, we have about five or six staff members who donate blood two or three times a year to help this cause.

volunteers packing food

Volunteerism and Donations to Harvesters

Harvesters is a regional food bank serving various counties in Missouri to provide food and other household-related items to those in need. The company is a registered nonprofit and in 2011 was named Feeding America’s Food Bank of the Year. Their success is based on generous donations and the hard work of volunteers helping in their cause to end hunger. Our staff members volunteer time sorting and packaging various products to help Harvester’s achieve their goals. We are proud to support them in a small but tangible way.

Support Your Local Community

If you’d like to learn more about giving back or donating to these great charities and community organizations, visit their websites and find out how you can help. Their success is directly related to the generosity of our community members. Whether you can donate time, money, or items to their cause, it all goes a long way to helping those in need.

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