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COVID-19 UPDATE 3/24/20:

Our office continues only essential operations in a very limited capacity.  Due to lockdown orders, social distancing requirements & court administrative orders, phones may be turned off & emails may go unread throughout April 2020.

If you are on a payment plan, please make an attempt to continue your payments, or communicate with us about your hardship at  If you have a court date, please check the court's website for any applicable administrative order that may suspend or continue any hearing or deadline.

DO THE FIVE: Help stop coronavirus
1. HANDS - wash them often
2. ELBOW - cough into it
3. FACE - don't touch it
4. SPACE - keep safe distance
5. HOME - stay if you can

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Bessine Walterbach, LLP (pronounced beh-seen wal-ter-bock) continues the work of one of the best, Larry Enkelmann (1951 - 2009).  BW, LLP is a small law firm in Kansas City focusing on collections & creditors' rights. We handle a high-volume caseload using state-of-the-art technology.  Quality service, compliant with all applicable laws, is what we do.  Being honest & treating all people well is who we are.  Thanks for being part of our story.